The Plan – Logistics First

April 12, 2009

Before everything goes awry (or doesn’t), it seems like a fun exercise to record our logistics plan.

April: Michelle and Bree pick cabinets and appliances, meet with all contractors, and set a basic schedule

May 1-10:  Plumber caps off sink.  Demolition begins.  The plan is to take out the cabinets, wallboard (down to studs) and linoleum.

May 10-15:  Electrician wires for recessed lights, five new wall outlets and undercabinet lighting.  Plumber moves pipes for sink about 6″, prepares for dishwasher and garbage disposal, and runs a new line to the refrigerator (for ice maker and water dispenser).

May 15-30:  Carpenter/drywaller widens doorways by 6-8″, creates new vent for microhood and hangs drywall.

May 30-June 10:  Michelle and Bree paint walls, then tile floor

June 10-15:  Cabinet installers assemble and install cabinets.  Michelle and Bree make countless trips to Ikea for missing parts* and replacement Allen wrenches.**  Installers also put in microhood and connect to vent.

June 15:  Stove and diswasher delivered

June 20:  Countertop fabricators template counters

July 15:  Countertops and sink installed

July 20:  Plumber connects sink/disposal/dishwasher and refrigerator. 

August:  Michelle and Bree tile backsplash

Ongoing:  Michelle and Bree discover that it’s just never as simple as it’s supposed to be.


*  Even though we’ve checked and double-checked our shopping list and inventory, there are bound to be missing parts.  We’re very lucky to live so close to Ikea.  Very very lucky.

**  I truly hope that no Allen wrenches are harmed in the course of building these cabinets.


One comment

  1. I like the 12×24 tiles; can you share the manufacturer with me? I’m looking for something like that for a bathroom. Thanks!

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