The Plan – Aesthetics

April 14, 2009

Someday we’ll come up with detailed color boards.  For now, our cabinets are Adel White from Ikea, our countertops are White Ash Caesarstone, and our new appliances will be stainless.  The basic board so far:


Here’s a kitchen with the cabinets and countertop that we’re using.  It’s much larger than ours, but gives a good preview:


We’re still thinking on the floor tile.  We know the dimensions and layout pattern, 12 x 24 staggered subway style like this:


but we’re thinking a lighter grey, maybe even a slight pattern or texture.

We have some fun ideas for backsplash tiles, but won’t make final decisions until we’ve seen the whole picture and lived in our kitchen for awhile.  Ideas that we like now include:

An accent strip (about 3″ high, which equals four of these small bricks) of Japanese sumi-e recycled glass tile:


Set among a plainer (yet still interesting) larger subway tile like this Florida tile:


(Note that we’ll probably exclude the clawfoot tub from our kitchen.  If anything, we’ll go with a narrower soaking tub.  Or maybe just a farmhouse sink instead.  It’s good to leave our options open.)

Speaking of the sink, we’re going with the Domsjo single farmhouse sink from our Scandanavian friends


Details we’re still working on:  drawer and cabinet pulls, faucet, light fixtures and paint color.


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