Our Scandanavian Cruise

April 17, 2009

Some people dream of crusing the fjords.  Some people dream of reenacting epic viking battles.  Others dream of sailing industrial carts through the self-service warehouse at Ikea.

Guess where we fit in?

After months of fighting with easily utilizing the Ikea online kitchen planning tool, Michelle arrived at the best possible layout for our spacious kitchen.


East side


West side


 Top view

With these plans in hand, we set out for Ikea.  Since Michelle had researched the process throughly, she knew we would need a full day to order, pull, and purchase our cabinets.

“Wait a second,” you say… “I thought you only have eighty square feet to work with.  How could it take all day to purchase your cabinets?”  It could and it did.  Everything is flat-packed at Ikea, and most of it is boxed separately.  That means that one cabinet requires as many as 13 separate items.

We spent almost three hours in the warehouse, checking and double checking our lists, catching the occasional discrepancy and trying to discover the best way to fit many large items onto an industrial cart.  Since everything was in stock, it appears that we’re set.  If we aren’t, we are so so lucky to live just 20 minutes from Scandanavia.  So.  So.  Lucky.

Some quick math:

80 = total square footage of the kitchen

13 = total cabinets

150 = individual items to find in the warehouse

4 = number of industrial carts we filled in our quest

2 = number of times we dropped our very first item (the pantry) before we got it into the cart

2 = number of times we checked each item against our massive lists

3 = probable number of items we missed anyway

2= Ikea staffers who helped us push our super-full carts to the register

1 = lovely little Mazda truck we were able to borrow from Karen and Derek

1 = Subaru Forester packed to every inch of its’ square goodness with cabinet hardware

$99.09 = discrepancy in our favor between what we planned to spend and what we were actually charged (which may also result in a $99.09 surprise missing item)

 24 = meatballs we never got around to ordering because we were so engrossed in our project

2 = times we dropped the pantry on Bree’s foot while unloading into the garage

3 = types of pens we used to triple-check all of the inventory

10 = percentage off our total cabinet (and countertop!), thanks to the Ikea kitchen sale

Some pictures from our fun day…


K & D’s truck packed rather ridiculously.  I take full responsiblity for the initial idea that going diagonal (to accomodate our one large item) would be super efficient.  Yeah, no.


Is that not the most beautifully organized stack you’ve ever seen in your life?  Swoon.


Everything checks against the list.  Hooray for highlighters!


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