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May 27, 2009

In addition to getting ALL that stuff done over the weekend, we also managed to:

– pick up and install a new digital cable box/DVR. We  had the living room/entertainment center all moved and tore up trying to figure out all the wires (we have an old TV, and stereo, DVD, VCR, etc).  Needed 2 trips to RadioShack and two to FredMeyer for one wire or another. Yes, at 10 o’clock on Saturday we were at Fred’s buying the cable, oh and some clothes, and some groceries, and some junk food. I think we were batty by that point.

– buy and plant some herbs for the front window box, a new lilly plant for a planter, and a new, small, Japanese maple tree. We had been promising Kyan a tree for outside her window. What better time to shop for plants than when we were zipping to Lowes  (1 of about 5 times this weekend) to quickly pick up one small thing we needed (of which I cannot even remember now).

– eat a bunch of fast food. ‘ Nuff said on that point.


Holiday Weekend??? Not for us!

May 27, 2009

We needed that loong 3 day Memorial Day weekend. We got lots done. Kyan stayed with her grandma. We missed her, but we are thankful to have had 3 full kid-free work days. Reminded us of our pre-kiddo days of doing projects.

Me and B are at our best together during projects… weird I know, but true. We are pretty proud of ourselves, oh and very tired too!

We got the ceiling completely painted, the room completely painted, the floor prepped  for tiling (which ended up being more work than we thought it would be), the dining room and living room walls re-painted, um…. seems like more that that.

I will post the pix in order as much as possible:

Here is the paint color. It is hard to see the color actually… we will have to try to scan a chip of it in. It is called Carolina Inn Club Aqua. It takes on different shades in different light…It is probably the most subtle paint color of any we have in our house. We debated going darker, but we both really like it.


We took up a 1/2″ thick plywood layer from pretty much the whole floor. Hard work. Love our pry-bar! And treat of treats, we DID have some really ugly, yellow, 70’s vinyl floor under it afterall!



Ewwww. This is what was under one corner of the room where at one time the washing machine was. Yes, when we bought the house the washer and dryer were in the kitchen. What the..??!!! We moved those out first thing, but some damage had obviously been done:


And under that lovlieness…. one plank of rotted subfloor:


We cut out the rotted plank to reveal… our crawlspace:


We were a little nervous at this point that we may have done something bad. We cut out the plank, but were not sure how to get it back in. The plank cut out was very old, tounge and groove… all those planks fit together. But thankfully we got a WONDERFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE person at Lowes. We were worried we would get some part-timer who has never done real contractor work, but instead Gene met us at the door and explained just what we needed to do. And it worked! Thank you Gene!!! :


One more layer of  3/4″ plywood to even it out with the existing floor:


Hard to see here, but when we cut some of the rug back from the dining room, we discovered what the hardwood floors look like throughout the house. Not bad. Someday we will take up rug and refinish hardwoods…someday…..:


We needed to add a bit of self-levelling compound to half the room to make it almost exactly level. It was not that bad, just a slight bit lower on west wall:


So by day 3 (Monday) we started measuring, cutting and laying the cement backerboard. This took alot longer than we thought it would. We realized we are not so good at the exact measuring. So because of our mess ups, we had one more trek to Lowes on Monday for one more sheet of backerboard…DOH! :


We are pretty proud fo this maneuver. How to cut backerboard around the pipes (which protrude a bit higher than the floor…not sure we love this set up by the plumber, but we can work with it….). Will be interesting to tile around this too:


Mortaring under backerboard:


By the end of the evening, had all the backerboard screws in. That was long and tiring, and our knees were hurting. We are soo glad we invested in some good knee-pads:


We had hoped to get the seams mudded and taped, but did not. We will do that next weekend. We probably will not have the tiles till the end of next weekend or even later, so we will use this upcoming weekend to work on other stuff: paint touchups, window frame, rug/tile transitions, house and yard work.  Kyan really wants to be a part of the process…she asked to help us tile. We are trying to figure out how to involve her in some of those tasks.

We are proud of our work and were excited to get started on our part, but we were beat! And do realize the benefits to paying it done… well if money were no object of course 🙂


Kyan picked the paint color for us.

May 21, 2009

We narrowed down our selection to just two, either of which we both liked, and we let Kyan make the final decision. Will post a sample of it soon.

She will be staying with her GramJ most of this long weekend so we can get lots done. Plan is to paint (ceiling and walls), and prep and repair subfloor to get ready to tile.


Tilegate. Sort of.

May 18, 2009

We did end up finally picking our floor tile. It was probably the hardest part of this yet!

Bree went on her lunch to the fancy, artsy tile store in North Seattle to look for some tile samples. We had gone back and forth to this store over the last couple months, each time bringing home a board full of tile examples to test out at home. It is pretty inconvinient for us to get to, but we liked it.

Anyartsytileyhoo…. Bree was helped by the flowy, artsy staff member whose main mantra was “oh who cares about money”. Uh, we do! She and Bree picked out some good ones, and the lady tells B. that all of the samples are “anywhere around $5-$7 square foot”. That is in our range.

We go home with them, spend alot of time comparing and deciding on the perfect one, and were pretty happy to have made our decision. We are going back up there tomorrow morning (on our way to a North end bday party) to just purchase…done!

Well, not so much. The tiles she sent home, and the one we liked were actually $14 a square foot!! Not doing! Then three others we picked out at the store where that much. We were feeling pressed for time to go pick up Kyan at GramJ’s and B. was really mad at the artsy gal! We had to start all over again!

Soooo…. we walked out, and went to another store.  Ahhhh… much better feeling  there. And we started looking over again, this time demanding to know price before getting too attached. We found one that we liked better in the end. Don’t these things always work out just how they were supposed to!??

Here is the tile we picked. It is actually a little grayer, less brown than the pix shows. We wanted the long, 12×24 size that we will lay in a brick pattern:



Pendant light ordered!!

May 18, 2009

Here is the pendant light we picked for over our kitchen sink. We LOVES it!

We ordered if from Rejuvenation. It is a shoolhouse style, called TRENTON in polished nickel:



Finally, we get to start feeling useful!

May 18, 2009

We got alot done this weekend. Well, Rick got alot done first, then we got to work.

Rick finished sanding and prepping the walls. He did awesome! His work is done for a little while (he will be back after cabinets put in to do the duct for the microhood).

We cleaned up all the dust (which was not that bad…love that we have a shop-vac!), and already primed the whole room:


 What child labor laws????  Kyan helped out with the painting. She loved helping (we figured the primer step could be fun intro to painting for her):


 We are really busy (with other stuff!) every evening this week, so this weekend we will paint color (once we decide on our color), and we will work on the window trim and preparing the subfloor for tiling. We like this part!


Nothing lately, but starting up again…

May 15, 2009

Nothing has been done since last Sunday (May 11). Mud has dried, and today our buddy Rick will be back to do some more mudding, sanding etc.

He will be here tomorrow too.  Still needs to clean up the sub-floor. Just one patch needs replacing we think.

He asked us to put some primer up on the walls Sunday to be able to see any blemishes that may need repairing.

Bree and I have to decide on our floor tiles and start getting ready for that component.  Hard to decide!

Will post pix again soon.