(Demolition) Derby Day!

May 2, 2009

We’ve reached the point of no return.  Cabinets are mostly gone, drywall is coming down, and a haze of dust has descended upon our home.  The demolishers started the day by putting up plastic sheeting and covering the floors with dropcloths, but still.

We were warned about the dust.

Those warnings were true.

Hey, want to see some pictures?



It took Manuel 7 hours to complete the job. He anticipated 4 hours!? He did a great job!  They made a real effort with plastic so that the rest of the house did not get that dusty. Cannot believe we thought we thought we could do the demo ourselves!? What  the…!!??!!??

Demo done and this is what it looks like. Really not bad for a 52 year old house… good bones:






And here is the back of the 15′ truck. Dump run was fun.  Ended up dumping 2/3 of a ton of  stuff (including the old dishwaher and wall oven).  Sooo glad we had a truck!!



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