The Makeshift Kitchen: When Worlds Collide

May 2, 2009

We told you the kitchen and the playroom would co-mingle for a coupla months, right?  Said comingling has begun, with terrifying results.  (Okay, not terrifying exactly, but a girl’s got to build suspense.  Pretend you’re terrified, m’kay?)

Here’s a tour of our makeshift kitchen in all its glory.  The table has now become a counter-plus-small-appliance-holder-plus-linoleum-scrap-holder-downer, our crappy makeshift pantry shelf has made the move, and Kyan has generously donated a third of her toy bookcase to the cause.


It’s unusual to find a Mr. Potatohead Easter Bunny on the same shelf as a block of Cutco knives, we know, but we think it’s kind of kicky, don’t you?


“Hey Bree,” you might find yourself saying, “What’s up with the whole worlds colliding thing?”


Kyan’s play kitchen just got a new toy (thanks to Uncle Mark and the boys).  Lucky little girl has an Easy Bake.  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to some homebaked goodness.

You can make pot roast in an Easy Bake, right?  Right?

Dinner at our house in 17 (maybe 18) hours!

No, reallly it is not that bad. On our first No-Real-Kitchen day we managed to have two, good home cooked meals (Waffles for breakfast and burgers on the grill for dinner). Yummy.

Oh and sooooo happy we have a laundry room WITH a sink….



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