Do these doorways make me look thinner?

May 10, 2009

We’ve been waiting for a dramatic before and after picture to post here.  You know, one of those “Look at how my jeans fit before Nutri.system, and look how they fit NOW!” sort of pictures.  How’s this?


Doodoodoo… I’m a happy bathroom sign lady realstic representation of Michelle or Bree.  I love standing in doorways… it’s so… safe during earthquakes… and chic! 

I wonder how much I’ll love standing in doorways tomorrow?


Ooh yes, I like standing in doorways even more today.  Look at all the space I have.  What shall I do with it?

I’ll see how much space I can fill with this kicky hat…


Let’s close this post with some mad props for this hat. It was designed by Karen Davis of the Super Chicks of Bentwater (Bentwater, Texas), who made her own hat. She was the overall winner of the Kentucky derby hat contest held at the Sam Houston race track in Texas. Props to you, Karen, and hope you don’t mind that we borrowed your hat for a kitchen blog before-and-after!


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