Back to the task at hand.

May 11, 2009

Mothers Day. One week and one day since we started this project and already the walls are back up!

Rick widened the door frames, put up all new drywall, insulated the exterior wall, mudded the seams. It looks sooo cool!

We have learned a few tricks to avoid as much of the inevitable dust that comes with remodeling:



It really has not been that bad yet… just a faint dust on things. But later this week comes the sanding of the mud, which could be bad. But after that, all the messiest stuff should be done.

Once walls done, then we paint. We still have to figure out our color, but know it will be some shade of blue or green. Not much of the paint will show since cabinets will line both walls and we will have a backsplash.

Then we will tile the floor. We like to tile and consider ourselves kinda good at it.

We have LOTS of time to do those things since we did not anticpate things going so quickly. We are not having the appliances delivered and the cabinets installed until June 15! DOH!

I tried to change the appliance delivery to sooner, but no luck. Oh well, we will take our time with our part. We are getting good at making decent dinners on the grill our using our toaster oven and microwave. Well, when we are not eating out or when Bree’s grandma is not cooking us good food 🙂

Anyhoo……Here are a few pix of all that was acomplished on Saturday and Sunday: (oh yeah, and Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there)







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