Tilegate. Sort of.

May 18, 2009

We did end up finally picking our floor tile. It was probably the hardest part of this yet!

Bree went on her lunch to the fancy, artsy tile store in North Seattle to look for some tile samples. We had gone back and forth to this store over the last couple months, each time bringing home a board full of tile examples to test out at home. It is pretty inconvinient for us to get to, but we liked it.

Anyartsytileyhoo…. Bree was helped by the flowy, artsy staff member whose main mantra was “oh who cares about money”. Uh, we do! She and Bree picked out some good ones, and the lady tells B. that all of the samples are “anywhere around $5-$7 square foot”. That is in our range.

We go home with them, spend alot of time comparing and deciding on the perfect one, and were pretty happy to have made our decision. We are going back up there tomorrow morning (on our way to a North end bday party) to just purchase…done!

Well, not so much. The tiles she sent home, and the one we liked were actually $14 a square foot!! Not doing! Then three others we picked out at the store where that much. We were feeling pressed for time to go pick up Kyan at GramJ’s and B. was really mad at the artsy gal! We had to start all over again!

Soooo…. we walked out, and went to another store.  Ahhhh… much better feeling  there. And we started looking over again, this time demanding to know price before getting too attached. We found one that we liked better in the end. Don’t these things always work out just how they were supposed to!??

Here is the tile we picked. It is actually a little grayer, less brown than the pix shows. We wanted the long, 12×24 size that we will lay in a brick pattern:



One comment

  1. Love the kitchen tile. We are looking for something in that color as well and are having a similar price problem. Do you remember what brand and color the tile was?

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