May 27, 2009

In addition to getting ALL that stuff done over the weekend, we also managed to:

– pick up and install a new digital cable box/DVR. We  had the living room/entertainment center all moved and tore up trying to figure out all the wires (we have an old TV, and stereo, DVD, VCR, etc).  Needed 2 trips to RadioShack and two to FredMeyer for one wire or another. Yes, at 10 o’clock on Saturday we were at Fred’s buying the cable, oh and some clothes, and some groceries, and some junk food. I think we were batty by that point.

– buy and plant some herbs for the front window box, a new lilly plant for a planter, and a new, small, Japanese maple tree. We had been promising Kyan a tree for outside her window. What better time to shop for plants than when we were zipping to Lowes  (1 of about 5 times this weekend) to quickly pick up one small thing we needed (of which I cannot even remember now).

– eat a bunch of fast food. ‘ Nuff said on that point.


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