Other stuff…

June 2, 2009

This last weekend we had to devote one whole day to other stuff…. Ya’ know, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, laundry, cleaning the fish tank etc. Not as fun but necessary.

We did manage to do some kitchen related things…just a few. Kyan really wanted to be home this weekend and wanted to ‘help’. Uh, maybe that is why we did not get so much done. Naw…. But was more trying and disorganized than we usually like.

We did lots of touch up painting and still have a little more to do. We LOVES the painters tape, but inevitably some bleeding occurs and we are too picky to not fix it.

We got the tile to rug transitions measured cut and in place…ready for the actual tiling which will have to happen next weekend (more on that later).

And M. made the window frame. Kyan did get to help with that. She got her kids tool box out and was ready to saw, hammer, measure wherever we would let her. She did get to help me saw the wood for the window frame (don’t worry, she could not get hurt with the mitre box set up):


And here is window frame. I am pretty proud of it. It is pretty non-descript, which is what we were going for, and it does need another coat of paint:


This coming weekend we have to tile. The tile came in last Thursday and we picked up the topo-the-line wet saw we are borrowing (thank you Jon!). Kyan is going to stay at her grandmas till Saturday night.  But to complicate things a bit, M. has to work Saturday morning (just 6am-10am or so). So we will not have ALL day Saturday, and Sunday our little helper will be home….

Should be jam packed! We realize we like to be involved and doing our part, but we are ready to be done soon and back to contractors. The appliances get delivered on June 15 and Cabinet installers are here June 16 & 17!! Woo hoo!


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