We need a new fridge!

July 10, 2009

Well, we do not ‘NEED’ one, ours is only two years old.  We want a new fridge… a nice, stainless one (to match the other new appliances), that is perhaps counter depth (we need all the room we could get), side-by-side (also, for more room when doors are opened).

We moved our fridge into the kitchen and it just hit us like a ton of bricks…. It just sticks out too much (figuratively and really)!

We had to buy a new one 2 years ago because the old one that came with the house died. We were very limited in the type we could get because of the existing space in our old kitchen. And we selected white as to not commit to any color scheme. We always thought we would be fine with white appliances down the road…..

We had decided we did not need to spend the money on a fridge right now while remodeling the kitchen…’ Why? ours works fine!”

See below how it looks:



Oh well. Not that bad. It works, and we will eventually get one we reallly like.

We still LOVE our new digs…. Now we just have to put stuff in the kitchen  and start using it! We call it ‘the museum’ cause we just walk in and stare at it lots 🙂


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