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Finished!!! **** (with a caveat…)

July 13, 2009

We have running water! We have our sink in! Dishwasher in! (*** but not yet hooked up. Needed one electrical hook-up thingy, that the electrician is coming back for on Monday).

We are using the kitchen full on! We have started putting things in drawers and cupboards. Not all yet.

We have been back to Ikea again for more inserts/organizers, and after rearranging some shelves etc, will be back there again for some switcheroos (returns/exchanges). Not sure it will ever really be ‘finished’ but getting closer!

See for yourself so far;



I think this is one of my favorite things, the garbage and recycling pull-out:


Drawer organization so far:



Love these big, deep drawers for pots and pans:


Love the spice drawer set up:


REAL shelves with doors for our plates! (see our ‘Befores’ for what we mean…):


We still have all of the pantry stuff to put away…. which means thinking about how high to set the shelves etc. Working on it.

And of course we still have the backsplash to do. But we are very happy  🙂


We need a new fridge!

July 10, 2009

Well, we do not ‘NEED’ one, ours is only two years old.  We want a new fridge… a nice, stainless one (to match the other new appliances), that is perhaps counter depth (we need all the room we could get), side-by-side (also, for more room when doors are opened).

We moved our fridge into the kitchen and it just hit us like a ton of bricks…. It just sticks out too much (figuratively and really)!

We had to buy a new one 2 years ago because the old one that came with the house died. We were very limited in the type we could get because of the existing space in our old kitchen. And we selected white as to not commit to any color scheme. We always thought we would be fine with white appliances down the road…..

We had decided we did not need to spend the money on a fridge right now while remodeling the kitchen…’ Why? ours works fine!”

See below how it looks:



Oh well. Not that bad. It works, and we will eventually get one we reallly like.

We still LOVE our new digs…. Now we just have to put stuff in the kitchen  and start using it! We call it ‘the museum’ cause we just walk in and stare at it lots 🙂


Countertops installed today!

July 8, 2009

Just back from vacation yesterday, and our guys from Precision countertop were here earlier than planned to install the countertops. Took them only about a half an hour!

In process:


And…. finished:




Up close… Caesarstone White Ash:

We loves it!

While home today I took a ride to Ikea to buy inserts and organizers for the drawers/cupboards. We have sooo much more space we are not sure what to put where! Will have pix of the nifty organization once that is done.

Friday the plumbing will come in. They will install the sink, disposal, dishwasher… and that will pretty much be it for the contractors.

We have to move the fridge in. Bree wants to wait till the last minute…until everything is done and new.

Of course we still have to do the backsplash. Why have we not narrowed down our tile for it yet?! That is not like us. I guess we just want a rest….Aaahh.


Not much happening…. but Happy 4th of July!

July 1, 2009

Our guy Rick came and put the duct work for the microhood/fan. Now it is vented out the roof.

We have started cooking with the new stove. We have been wanting eggs badly. Have not come up with a good way to have tasty eggs using just a microwave. Kyan LOVES what she calls ‘flat eggs’ (fried eggs, and she likes them ‘juicy’):

eggs on stove 2

We are just waiting now….. the countertops come in on July 7. Then the plumber will come and finish (install sink, faucet, disposal, dishwasher)… if he ever calls us back! Argh.

For whatever reason, the idea of putting everything back into the kitchen and re-organizing is something we keep putting off.  B and I need to spend some time deciding what should go where, and get some drawer inserts etc, and re-org the pantry shelves etc. We don’t really wanna do it, so we keep saying ‘when it is all done we will do it’.

In theory we can put off ‘being done’ until we get the backsplash done….which is up to us to do. And we have not even decided on the tile for sure yet. Hee hee


Countertop is being templated….

June 19, 2009

Sergei and Aleks from Precision Countertop are here making the templates for the Ceaserstone White Ash countertop:



Will be installed on July 7!


Electric is done… we got cool lights!

June 19, 2009

Electrician was here for a few more hours finishing up. We love Arturo (thanks Frank!).

He got all the outlets working and the undercabinet lights, and recessed lights are in and the schoolhouse light fixture is good…. check it out:





Tomorrow I am home again…. to do some tidying up and the coutertops are being templated. Three weeks after that, countertops in, then sink and dishwasher in…then done! Yay!


The Cupboards are… DONE!

June 17, 2009