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July 24, 2009

We are living with our new kitchen now! Getting used to all the counterspace.
And getting used to our new systems of organization.

Why did it take us sooo long to get stuff back into the kitchen? We planned on all those cool, slide out Ikea drawer/shelves. Those take a lot of planning….. ‘What is the exact height for the cereal box shelf?’ etc.

There was alot of putting shelves in (which require screwing in the roller/tracky thingy for each) and taking shelves out. And there is a  heatwave of sorts going on in Seattle lately.

Anyhoo…. we got it all they way we think we like it…. will have to live with it for awhile to really know:

The pantry set up:


Oh to have the Tupperware neatly stowed:



The cabinet above the fridge. Wine rack will eventually be filled with bottles:


One of our 3 ‘junk’ drawers:


Towels etc, and #2 ‘junk’ drawer:



Dishwasher working!

July 14, 2009

Arturo came by last night and finished the necessary electrical stuff for the dishwasher.

We have been so busy lately and not home, that we have not made too many dirty dishes. We will have to get busy so we can run the new dishwasher.

Oh, and another trip to Ikea last night for more drawer insert thingys.


Finished!!! **** (with a caveat…)

July 13, 2009

We have running water! We have our sink in! Dishwasher in! (*** but not yet hooked up. Needed one electrical hook-up thingy, that the electrician is coming back for on Monday).

We are using the kitchen full on! We have started putting things in drawers and cupboards. Not all yet.

We have been back to Ikea again for more inserts/organizers, and after rearranging some shelves etc, will be back there again for some switcheroos (returns/exchanges). Not sure it will ever really be ‘finished’ but getting closer!

See for yourself so far;



I think this is one of my favorite things, the garbage and recycling pull-out:


Drawer organization so far:



Love these big, deep drawers for pots and pans:


Love the spice drawer set up:


REAL shelves with doors for our plates! (see our ‘Befores’ for what we mean…):


We still have all of the pantry stuff to put away…. which means thinking about how high to set the shelves etc. Working on it.

And of course we still have the backsplash to do. But we are very happy  🙂