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Not much happening…. but Happy 4th of July!

July 1, 2009

Our guy Rick came and put the duct work for the microhood/fan. Now it is vented out the roof.

We have started cooking with the new stove. We have been wanting eggs badly. Have not come up with a good way to have tasty eggs using just a microwave. Kyan LOVES what she calls ‘flat eggs’ (fried eggs, and she likes them ‘juicy’):

eggs on stove 2

We are just waiting now….. the countertops come in on July 7. Then the plumber will come and finish (install sink, faucet, disposal, dishwasher)… if he ever calls us back! Argh.

For whatever reason, the idea of putting everything back into the kitchen and re-organizing is something we keep putting off.  B and I need to spend some time deciding what should go where, and get some drawer inserts etc, and re-org the pantry shelves etc. We don’t really wanna do it, so we keep saying ‘when it is all done we will do it’.

In theory we can put off ‘being done’ until we get the backsplash done….which is up to us to do. And we have not even decided on the tile for sure yet. Hee hee


Kyan picked the paint color for us.

May 21, 2009

We narrowed down our selection to just two, either of which we both liked, and we let Kyan make the final decision. Will post a sample of it soon.

She will be staying with her GramJ most of this long weekend so we can get lots done. Plan is to paint (ceiling and walls), and prep and repair subfloor to get ready to tile.


Tilegate. Sort of.

May 18, 2009

We did end up finally picking our floor tile. It was probably the hardest part of this yet!

Bree went on her lunch to the fancy, artsy tile store in North Seattle to look for some tile samples. We had gone back and forth to this store over the last couple months, each time bringing home a board full of tile examples to test out at home. It is pretty inconvinient for us to get to, but we liked it.

Anyartsytileyhoo…. Bree was helped by the flowy, artsy staff member whose main mantra was “oh who cares about money”. Uh, we do! She and Bree picked out some good ones, and the lady tells B. that all of the samples are “anywhere around $5-$7 square foot”. That is in our range.

We go home with them, spend alot of time comparing and deciding on the perfect one, and were pretty happy to have made our decision. We are going back up there tomorrow morning (on our way to a North end bday party) to just purchase…done!

Well, not so much. The tiles she sent home, and the one we liked were actually $14 a square foot!! Not doing! Then three others we picked out at the store where that much. We were feeling pressed for time to go pick up Kyan at GramJ’s and B. was really mad at the artsy gal! We had to start all over again!

Soooo…. we walked out, and went to another store.  Ahhhh… much better feeling  there. And we started looking over again, this time demanding to know price before getting too attached. We found one that we liked better in the end. Don’t these things always work out just how they were supposed to!??

Here is the tile we picked. It is actually a little grayer, less brown than the pix shows. We wanted the long, 12×24 size that we will lay in a brick pattern:



Nothing lately, but starting up again…

May 15, 2009

Nothing has been done since last Sunday (May 11). Mud has dried, and today our buddy Rick will be back to do some more mudding, sanding etc.

He will be here tomorrow too.  Still needs to clean up the sub-floor. Just one patch needs replacing we think.

He asked us to put some primer up on the walls Sunday to be able to see any blemishes that may need repairing.

Bree and I have to decide on our floor tiles and start getting ready for that component.  Hard to decide!

Will post pix again soon.


Back to the task at hand.

May 11, 2009

Mothers Day. One week and one day since we started this project and already the walls are back up!

Rick widened the door frames, put up all new drywall, insulated the exterior wall, mudded the seams. It looks sooo cool!

We have learned a few tricks to avoid as much of the inevitable dust that comes with remodeling:



It really has not been that bad yet… just a faint dust on things. But later this week comes the sanding of the mud, which could be bad. But after that, all the messiest stuff should be done.

Once walls done, then we paint. We still have to figure out our color, but know it will be some shade of blue or green. Not much of the paint will show since cabinets will line both walls and we will have a backsplash.

Then we will tile the floor. We like to tile and consider ourselves kinda good at it.

We have LOTS of time to do those things since we did not anticpate things going so quickly. We are not having the appliances delivered and the cabinets installed until June 15! DOH!

I tried to change the appliance delivery to sooner, but no luck. Oh well, we will take our time with our part. We are getting good at making decent dinners on the grill our using our toaster oven and microwave. Well, when we are not eating out or when Bree’s grandma is not cooking us good food 🙂

Anyhoo……Here are a few pix of all that was acomplished on Saturday and Sunday: (oh yeah, and Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there)







Chalk…not just for crime scenes anymore…

May 4, 2009

After really cleaning up the demo-d kitchen to our liking (really sweeping, shop-vaccuming, etc) I got to work on really measuring and drawing the future layout on the floor. The electrician and plumber will be in starting on Tuesday and I want them to have a really good idea of where things will go etc.

One side measured and marked (good thing Kyan has lots of sidewalk chalk):






Make-shift kitchen

April 29, 2009

We have started packing up the kitchen, and making our ‘temporary kitchen’ in the playroom. Poor kiddo, the playroom is not very fun right now.

Have to pack more tonight, tomorrow and Friday. Who knew how much stuff we had in that small kitchen?! So many boxes taking over the dining room.

We will move the fridge in there by Friday night. That should be fun…not!

We have been taking pictures and will post them soon!