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December 22, 2009

Oh yeah, we did finish the kitchen…. Um, back in October officially.  We installed the tile backsplash ourselves.

We have been living in the new kitchen for a while and LOVE IT! Not much we say we would have done differently.

Below are the finished product pictures.

Thanks for your interest everyone!



June 8, 2009

We really had a hard time motivating ourselves to work this weekend, but we knew we had to get it done, and that after this weekend, we could relax a bit and have others do the work again soon! Our part will come again at the end…tiling the backslpash.

We got  a late start on Saturday cause I had to work that morning until 10am. We worked from 11am – 9pm that night with just about a 15 min break for dinner with Kyan and GramJ.

Should mention here how appreciative we are to MJ for helping so much with K.  Kyan has stayed at her GramJs several weekends so we could get stuff done. We sure miss her, but know she is having fun with her GramJ. And we THANK MJ lots for all her help!

Saturday was spent measuring out our plan. We spend alot of time on this part. We always do. We go back and forth with all the tools we think will tell us if we are in the exact center of the room. And we measure again, then do some math equations, then try to chalk line (which NEVER works for us!)… then we just go for it and hope for the best.

We chose to do a brickwork pattern, which we were cursing about half-way in. Naw, was not that bad…..

Here are some pix of process:




Kyan helped us place the last few tiles:


Proud fo those few special cuts (door jamb):


Sunday was much easier. We just had to grout the seams. That was not so bad… took about 2 hours. We don’t have pix of that process…. but trust me, it went well (messy, but well).

And wall-aaah the finished product!


We have rinsed it with water (to clean off the grout film) about 5 times, but still a little hazy. We will continue to clean it, and will seal the grout this week.

We are very happy with it!!!


Blown insulation BLOWS!

May 8, 2009

Ugh, spent lots of time cleaning up when we got home from work today.

Arturo spent lots of time in and out of the attic, dragging soft, insulation back out with him each time.

Apparently it caused more problems for him, which meant more time, which means more $.

3 days for electricians!? Really!?? It is a small kitchen, that is now very well wired and lit!